The Studio Eulex Law Firm is the brainchild of lawyer Davide Milan and was established in Padua by himself and by his current partners, lawyers Emanuele Bernardoni and Alvise Arvalli, later with lawyers Giuseppe De Salvia, Elena Fabbris and Andrea Sanguin; all driven by the common wish to create a Law Firm capable of putting to use and combining their respective skills and experiences, offering global and cross curricular assistance service and advice, guaranteeing at the same time a high level of professionalism and skill. From this perspective Eulex is organised into different areas of expertise - supervised by the different partners of the Firm, according to their specialisation and in collaboration with qualified assistants – but which are at the same time highly integrated with one another.

Thanks to this structure and to the experience gained in many years by providing support to businesses and also giving legal assistance to Public Administrations, the Firm is able to cover the diverse aspects of the activities of businesses, both at national and international level, and institutions, while at the same time, guaranteeing its clients specific assistance and advice, which is characterised at the same time by a strong practical approach. All to the advantage of the Client, also in terms of costs and response times.

The Firm represents its clients even before supreme courts.

Our team

Lo Studio Eulex, attraverso i professionisti che compongono ciascun gruppo di lavoro nelle aree di seguito elencate, opera con competenza e celerità in molteplici materie del diritto.


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